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2024 Testimonials


The Heal Your Life training retreat is well organized, and Victoria and her team are knowledgeable and effective. I absolutely would recommend it to others, and note that it is very high value for the cost! It has been life-changing for me.

Brenda, NWT            


Victoria is such a genuine support. This training has helped me greatly in my journey for myself, and in my journey of being a helper for others. I left with a huge boost in confidence because Victoria ensured I was valued, and had growth that was visible to me and others. I will go to this training again; it was life-changing.      

  Jennifer, SK


The training was ten days of healing, bliss, and self-growth for me. Victoria & her staff provide a safe, sacred, and loving space for everyone to heal at what feels comfortable for them. For me personally, this training helped me to go out of my comfort zone, and I was met with such love & support that it made it easy to participate and share authentically from my heart. All you have to do is show up and see where it takes you! If you want to grow & heal, I recommend taking this training. After this training, I feel confident to take this and apply it to my own healing & daily practice and also add these services to my existing practice. Victoria’s Heal Your Life training is life-changing training!          

Hetal, California

Dear reader, I declare today, as someone who has been taught about Indigenous ceremonies and practices, that the Louise Hay You Can Heal Your Life workshop and training are in alignment with our Indigenous knowledge, values, and beliefs. I trust this program and its concepts, and I am grateful for the healing I have brought into my life with this program. Even during difficult times, Louise Hay's concepts have supported my healing to a limitless level. I feel loved and appreciated, and I want to extend that hopefully feeling and wish to you as well. If you are considering joining this program, I encourage you to do so. You will be pleasantly surprised and find a renewed love for life. Imagine a world without fear, negativity, or limitations. It is possible!    

  Tanya, Ontario              

Victoria does an amazing job creating a safe, caring, and fun atmosphere that everyone feels comfortable in. The teaching and Victoria’s team were caring, kind and inspiring. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to work on themselves or to become a Heal Your Life Coach and  Teacher. Victoria is an inspirational teacher.      

  Kathy, Alberta

The classes were intense, and I felt a lot of healing going on in the group. Even afterward, I was/am still processing. I made some deep shift toward loving myself and healing an old heartbreak. I’m so grateful for that. Victoria held a very safe space for us all, which allowed for our healing and opening our hearts toward each other on a deep level. As a result, the group grew very close together, and we all supported each other with lots of love and will continue to.        

  Friederike, California

I started this two week adventure more closed than I realized just coming from my home. After the two weeks of training my heart was open, and I felt freer than when I started. Victoria and her staff were exceptional at creating sacred space. They shared their experiences and were very inspirational. They really practiced Love! And I felt it. This training has truly launched a new chapter in my life for my own healing and now to provide the space and love for others. Thank you so much for your dedication to this work!    

Susan, Arizona

I love Victoria. She embodies love, grace and kindness. She is caring and considerate of your needs. Not only does she show so much love and compassion for each person she encounters, she s a great teacher and an amazing coach! Her Banff workshops are filled with so much magic, fun and beautiful moments. Thank you Victoria for helping change my life. ❤️      

 Sheri, Saskatchewan

"As a Social Justice practitioner for 35 years I realized the focus on the problems, trauma, and injustices created a mindset that was exhausting, heavy. At times, I felt little hope for humanity and the world as a whole. I found the entire training to be very well connected, planned and sequenced which naturally facilitated the opening of my heart, mind and awareness of my body. I am forever grateful for this experience. I have shared the importance of having faith, self love, inner compassion and worthiness in my work with people in a self destructive mindsets and it has had powerful immediate impacts on their personal choices. At the Heal Your Life training in Banff, I met people from so many different culture's and places, it caused me to question how I perceived the world before taking the training. Now I see everyone through a lens of love and curiosity with compassion for the human journey and, most importantly, no matter what walk of life, I remember, everyone has a story. Victoria's presentation style and leadership made me feel at ease, it was obvious she is a master presenter truly connected to her humanness. I felt like I was in the presence of someone "who lived it". Victoria assembled the dream team of coaches and assistants and they flowed together with such power and grace it was as if they were divinely guided. My life is altered for the better, by taking the risk to love myself enough to attend.

Rosemary, Yukon Territory

2023 Testimonials


I am leaving feeling loved, self-love, and lighter.  This was far beyond my expectations!    I am grateful.  My time during the HYL coach/training far exceeded my expectations.  To practice and then learn is a full package deal.  I did my own work and picked up many skills and teachings to bring love, abundance, and success to my life. I will be forever grateful. 

~Julie Brant – Kahrahtiŕontha, Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory



Victoria’s training is very educational, with a well-planned schedule, but most importantly she creates a safe, loving, non-judgemental, compassionate space to really HEAL YOUR LIFE.  There are no words to describe the growth and self-love I experienced.  Amazing.  All is well.

~ Terri, Alberta



Victoria is a loving and non-judgemental facilitator and presented her authentic self.  I got much more from the training than I expected and felt valued, heard, and loved throughout the process.  I am leaving the training feeling capable and empowered.

~ Beth, Arizona, US


This course was everything and more!  Despite having done a lot of self-growth, I found Victoria catered and delivered the entire program so all were included, and all found growth.  You will not be alone in this journey with Victoria.  She will nurture you with knowledge and unspoken unconditional love.  Just loved how the content covered so much.  Go for it!  It will definitely give you what you need.

~ Sherin Alibhai, Alberta



I learned so much and would recommend this program to anyone.  Victoria is a master!!

~ Carol Howden, Alberta



I attended Victoria Johnson’s Heal Your Life Teacher and Coach training in Banff, Alberta.  It was an absolute transforming time for me.  The beauty of the mountains, Victoria’s heart and the energy of our group will forever be with me.


~Tsyononrah aka: Cheryle Maracle, Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory



I’ve gained so much; more than I expected and I was happy to discover that there were several issues that I had already made some progress on. Victoria is a skilled and a very gifted group leader.  I attended her 10-day Heal Your Life Coach and Facilitator Training Workshop in Banff and feel I have benefited so much.

~ Carolyn, Alberta


Victoria is an outstanding facilitator.  The workshop I attended in Banff was truly transformational.  I am grateful I was a part of it.  I am fully equipped to add this training of Louise Hay’s teaching into my practice. 



From my very first conversation with Victoria, she demonstrated acceptance and intuitive sense that allowed me to immediately know I wanted to do my training with her.  Her training and support far exceeded my expectations.  I have gained confidence, self-acceptance, self-love and validation for myself.  Professionally I’m leaving knowing I can do whatever I can imagine.  I highly recommend Victoria as a trainer and coach. 

~ Karen G.  New Jersey USA

"Victoria is a wonderful professional coach and trainer. She walks her talk and is such a great example and model for what she does. She can deal with all personality types and create a space of love that is safe for everyone. She is committed to managing the course powerfully and is a great leader. Victoria's training is not just for teaching and coaching; it is a deep journey to heal the soul also. She shows leadership, preparation, and commitment while balancing and holding space for the group to come together."

Dr. Heba, Kuwait


"Victoria is an amazing and effective workshop and coach trainer. She effectively makes the Heal Your Life training leap off the pages into hands-on experiences. Her guidance prepares you to facilitate your workshop from day one after graduation."

Opa, Ontario


"Victoria is very skilled at the work/service she provides in all aspects, including safe space and reassurance. She helped me find my voice and to feel heard. She never forces uncomfortable experiences but provides comfort when those experiences happen. You can feel the genuine love and passion in the work she does. I am grateful for the continuous support that is offered after the training."

Oshana, Manitoba


"I feel so safe, inspired, and empowered from working with Victoria. She can handle any emotions that come up and let us go as deep as we want to, guiding us through our own healing and growing experience. She let me have my own journey while providing intuitive support and encouragement. Victoria has wonderful intuition, and I love that she can read so well what I or any member of the group (or the entire group) needs in the moment. I'm so happy to know I have continued support. It makes me feel safe to continue moving through all of the material. Victoria created a beautiful community and carries on Louise Hay's work with heart."

Dyisha, Oregon


"I made the decision to travel to Canada from Australia to train with Victoria after seeing the amazing feedback previous participants had left. The training was amazing. I am taking so much home with me as I return to my country."

Georgina, Australia


"Victoria is such an amazing facilitator and passionate not only about teaching but also about providing a safe, loving space so that we can go deep into ourselves and heal what we desire. Victoria's wisdom, intuition, and connection are both powerful and empowering. The whole experience is a marvelous healing and loving journey, and I'm grateful to be able to do this with Victoria."

Ale, Costa Rica


"Victoria is a wonderful being full of inner wisdom, knowledge and experience, and spiritual guidance. The Heal Your Life training allowed me the space to release, forgive, and see myself as the amazing light I am. I feel prepared and confident to grow my business as a Heal Your Life coach and workshop group leader. The schedule felt perfect. It is evident Victoria puts a lot of time and passion into each day."

Lynn, Michigan


"Victoria is a heartfelt leader who shows her strengths, love for humanity, and passion with her workshop participants. As someone who has been on an intentional personal growth journey for many years, this training got deeper than any other I highly, highly recommend Victoria's workshops and training."

Mary Ellen, Illinois


"I love this training! What Victoria does in ten days is worth a year of what I could have learned in school. She does it with so much love and passion, and she provides a safe space for students to shine their gifts and blossom."

Julie, Shuswap Nation


"Victoria provides a sacred space that holds and releases energy. Her passion for assisting others is shown to all with her eyes, heart, and words. Embracing the Heal Your Life training shifted and created positive space in my vessel for my own healing and to assist others. At "the training," you will find a piece of you that you thought was forgotten. You will feel blessed to share space with Victoria."

Kat, Ontario


"Victoria has infinite knowledge on teaching the Heal Your Life workshop teacher and coach training material. She uses this knowledge to present her teachings fabulously."

Cathy, Ontario


"Victoria gives her immense experience and her heart and soul to make this workshop a transformational experience for every attendee. If you love the work of Louise Hay and want to share it with yourself and others, this is the training for you. 

Victoria's devotion to her work is beautiful."

Lisa, Michigan


"I loved, loved, loved the training. It was a seamless blend of having the experiences and doing the learning. I truly feel prepared to move forward in this work. Victoria is extremely skilled, yet she also allows her intuition to guide her in the right way. I greatly appreciate the pre and post Zoom sessions. I have taken many workshops and trainings and have never come across this before. They are incredibly valuable."

Jessica, California


"I thought I'd done more than my share of deep healing, but it was evident that I'd only scratched the surface. I am a new person thanks to the work I did in Victoria's Heal Your Life coach and workshop teacher training."

Jen, Ontario


"Victoria is an amazing facilitator. She is a strong leader with exceptional organizational skills. One of her strengths is her ability to deliver experiential information in a way that does not feel like learning because it is experiential."

Pam, Florida


"Victoria is a magnificent facilitator. She guides you through the process of discovering your true self in a safe space. She shows up at every moment for you. When you are ready to have a transformational experience, contact Victoria."

Jacqueline, Manitoba


"Victoria shows you how to lead, create a sacred space, and coach while teaching daily. She shares personal stories at exactly the right time! I loved being together for the whole 10 days."

Christine, California


"Victoria is a wonderful teacher. Her classes are very dynamic and in-depth for Heal Your Life workshop teaching and coaching. She teaches us step by step. I would recommend her workshops or courses to everyone. Throughout the entire ten days, I felt safe and secure for learning and personal growth."

Hera, Hong Kong


"The program was delivered with genuine passion, which motivated me to come out of my personal limiting beliefs and look forward with a broader vision to start my mission. I feel enriched with new tools and a new vision and have an overwhelming sense of gratitude."


2022 Testimonials

"I'm going home transformed into something I once thought wasn't achievable. I'm going home filled with love that will make such an impact. I'm going to radiate this love across turtle island so even more people can feel the ripple effect of Victoria."

Okema – Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan


"Victoria has such a special way of connecting with the group. Her teaching is incredible. Every piece was digestible and had such power in the delivery. Victoria made sure no one was left behind. I am leaving not only more capable but with more love in my heart."

Taylor – Wetaskiwin, Alberta


"This training has been one of the best experiences of my life. I can't imagine it being any other way. It was exactly what I needed, and I feel so loved and supported. The way that Victoria runs this workshop is incredible. We cover a lot of material, but it's always delivered in a way that is engaging and fun. I'm always amazed at how fast the days go by and am always eager to return to the training room. The transformations I witnessed and experienced were like none other than I've seen before. We arrived here as strangers and are leaving his family because Victoria has a gift for creating a beautifully safe and supportive environment where we feel comfortable and saved to show up as ourselves. My gratitude for Victoria and this work is endless. Thank you for being you, Victoria."

Amy—Whitehorse, Yukon Territories


"The Heal Your Life® training is presented by the most incredible woman. Victoria is deeply dedicated to one's personal and spiritual growth. I can't imagine being taught by someone better. Victoria is a gift to those searching for more in their life. Thank you, Victoria. You are an absolute gift to your students. Your sharing, hard work, commitment, attention to detail, and tireless effort is seen and deeply appreciated."

Riche–Chilliwack, British Columbia


"This workshop was exactly what was needed in my life in order for me to rejuvenate my life after so much grief, trials, and tribulations. Victoria and her loving assistant showed the power of love, and everyone benefited from it."

Sandra–Whitehorse, Yukon Territory


The training was nothing I ever expected. Victoria has a gift like no other. I will be forever grateful for my experience in Banff and will continue to share the love. Victoria is a gift from the creator brought here to heal the world. And so it is."

Isabelle–Kanesatake Mohawk Nation, Quebec


"Victoria is a lighthouse shining out to all the lost souls that need her help to see their own light. She provides a safe space for deep spiritual growth and facilitates miracles. She has a true gift for empowering people using their own essence. Victoria goes above and beyond to share this true gift with those that need it. I came here knowing it would change my life, and I am leaving with a new spirit tribe. I will be forever grateful."

Noelle–Grande Prairie, Alberta


"I have just completed a 10-day combined heal your life facilitator and coach training with Victoria in Banff, AB. the impact it will have for myself, family, friends, and community is immeasurable. Victoria's ability to connect, read, support, and facilitate the group while holding a safe space to learn and grow personally and professionally is incredible. I cannot express the amount of love and gratitude I feel heading home."

Rosalyn–Prince George, BC


"Victoria's abilities and knowledge of the material she presents is incredible. The manner that she upholds, highlights, and recognizes her student's gifts is so empowering. I know who I was when I walked through that door, and the woman I am now are very different. I am very grateful to Victoria for allowing me to show up and be seen as my eccentric self in such a safe and supported way."

Ashley–Carcross/Tagish First Nation, Yukon Territory

"Victoria's workshop and training program blessed me in so many ways. It opened me up, and I feel confident and validated in my purpose to help others. Thank you so much for the amazing breakthroughs that so many of us witnessed at your training. You are the realist, kindest, most gifted coach and trainer I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Hiy Hiy."

Sheri–Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan.


"This training has changed my life. My heart is so full, and I truly love myself and am so proud of myself. The training was such a powerful and loving experience. Victoria is so caring, supportive, and knowledgeable. She goes above and beyond to be sure we are all supported in our growth. Thank you, Victoria. You are an angel."

Tammy–Calgary, Alberta


"Victoria has a special ability to share her knowledge and to bring the participants together. She provides guidance and shares tools, so we feel empowered and ready to facilitate workshops and coach immediately."

Poliana–Maryland, USA


"This has been the most powerful and transformational 10-days I have ever experienced. Victoria is an amazing human. She has given me the container to learn, grow, and be seen and heard. She has allowed me to be fully myself. The whole experience was worth the investment tenfold. Victoria, you are a true gift in my life. Thank you."

Candace–Humbolt, Saskatchewan


Victoria is amazing. She has a loving spirit and loves to help others be their best selves.

Victoria is a blessing through the journey of healing, growth and learning. She is such a gift and light.


The thought of a 10-day intensive training was daunting, but Victoria guided us so gently that the time flew by while I soared in my growth. CP Ottawa, Canada


Victoria is an incredible trainer. Her ability to hold the container for the group and to keep everyone on track is excellent. If you want to work on yourself and take the opportunity to become a coach/workshop teacher, then this training is a must. SP Alberta, Canada


Victoria provided a safe, loving environment to share our stories–trials and tribulations, allowing us to grow.


Victoria is an amazing coach and teacher. She is such a loving being who generously shares her wisdom, knowledge and light, which shines brightly!


If you are thinking about taking this training, the answer is YES! Victoria’s life-changing event will speak to your soul. You will change, and even if you feel you are not ready, say yes! You will not regret it. AC, Ontario, Canada


Victoria shares her wisdom, love, knowledge and compassion with us. She is a true leader, and I feel blessed to have been a part of this process. Angie, Ontario, Canada


Victoria created a safe and loving environment for healing and learning. Her light and wisdom are a gift. I have transformed in this journey and could not be more thankful. I am honoured to continue my journey and excited to share it with others. MS, Ontario, Canada


The Heal Your Life training is so powerful and transformational. Everyone should do it! Victoria has a gift for teaching and healing. HK, Alberta, Canada


I am grateful and extremely thankful for the training experience in Banff. Victoria was a fantastic facilitator. If you ever get the chance to take this HYL training with Victoria–do it! It is the greatest gift you can give yourself. Migwan Energy Works, Alberta, Canada


Victoria provides the perfect space to Heal Your Life. The journey was challenging – I loved it! SR, Peurto Rico


Victoria Johnson is one of the most amazing trainers I have ever experienced. She is extremely well prepared and organized, yet she customizes the teachings to the participants. She is loving and intuitive and always has the participants’ needs at heart. AK, Hawaii


Victoria is an outstanding teacher who loves to help others be their best selves.

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2021 Testimonials

"Coming to your training was the right decision, I am grateful for all that you have done for me."

"Victoria is personable and comes with a great deal of knowledge.  She is prepared and I appreciate not only her teachings but her professionalism too.  The training is valuable and allows room for personal and professional growth. I highly recommend taking part in all/any workshops led by Victoria."

"When you're truly ready for deep, positive change, Victoria will help you flourish with confidence and increase the overall wellness of your mind, body and heart connection."

"If you are ready to grow, take Victoria's courses.  You will leave as a changed, more self-loved and self-realized person.

"Victoria manages a large group for a long period of time and that is very admirable.  Everyone felt loved by her and received one-on-one time.  Amazing job."

"I walked away with a full heart, a toolbox with an amazing plan of action to serve individuals, groups, and to recalibrate my purpose in life."

"I came to Victoria's training with no expectations, and I left with a rebirth of purpose and service as I am meant to be in this world."

"Your gifts and the energy of Louise Hay's work, plus bringing all the remarkable women into a single room to learn, grow and become stewards to help spread the word of love in our communities (locally and internationally) is in itself a gift beyond my expectations.  Thank you."

"Victoria is a beautiful addition to the garden of my life.  Thank you for being a gift in my world."

2020 Testimonials

“Walking in, I had so much anxiety not really knowing what to expect. Heal your life has helped me find myself. It has left me a voice and made me realize that it matters to have people from all walks of life, helping and nurturing. I have found a version of myself that is real and authentic. It is who I knew I always was.”

“I highly recommend Victoria as a workshop facilitator, teacher trainer, and life coach. She has helped me to heal myself, my life, and my past. Victoria helped me to uncover my true potential by remembering that all of the answers have always been inside of me, just waiting for me to open the box to all of my treasures and natural gifts. Please believe you deserve it, sign-up, take the class. Put yourself first because you matter, and You Can Heal Your Life!”

“I feel so blessed to have had Victoria as my instructor for the Heal Your Life Workshop Teacher and Life Coach Training. It is an incredible 2 weeks of intensive training. Victoria is always present and available during our time together. My life has been forever changed, thank you Victoria, Namaste.”

“Victoria is amazing.”

“As a man, I was worried about showing vulnerability in a group setting. Victoria really created such a loving and open environment. Thank you for helping me heal.”

“This is a course I wish everyone would take at least once in their lifetime. The world would be a better place! Everyone deserves to work through the rough patches while being supported and then help others to do the same for greater happiness in life.”

“Victoria provides quality and efficient training while connecting with your heart for healing. She really cares for people. Victoria is such a treasure and so valuable to the world. Learn from Victoria, you won’t regret it.”

“Victoria guided the training with such ease and love the learning and growing was a tearful pleasure!”

“The genuine love, caring and concern from Victoria throughout the Heal Your Life training was deeply felt. Thank you, Victoria.”

“Victoria is amazingly amazing. Thank you, Victoria, for all that you are, for all you share, your love and your care. You are an angel teaching your students through the journey of life.”

“I both loved and enjoyed Victoria’s passion for joy and love. She is a living example of the goodness of life and has a gentle way of guiding you to the center of your heart.”

“Victoria is truly a gift from God; a blessing to everyone and to the world. Work with Victoria and you will be blessed. Thank you with all of my heart, soul and spirit and may God bless you.”

“The value I have gained is priceless and I feel 100% capable to go forth and conduct Heal Your Life workshops.”

“Victoria is an amazing trainer, no matter what transpired she ran it with a smile. I would recommend her to anyone. What a beautiful heart and soul.”

“This has been hands-down one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I am so grateful. Victoria is such a gift and blessing to the world.”

“Heal Your Life training with Victoria has been life-changing. Thank you for aiding me in my personal growth and love for myself. I love you! 

2019 Testimonials

2019 Testimonials for Victoria Johnson, Heal Your Life Teacher and Coach Trainer

Victoria was extremely professional and at the same time gentle and respectful of everyone. We quickly formed close bonds with each other that will last a lifetime. Thank you Victoria for such an amazing experience. This workshop training completely transformed my life.


Victoria is a warm and loving coach who encourages others to be more. She lets herself be vulnerable and at the same time shows us how strong she can be. She is a true inspiration. Victoria is also incredibly supportive and encouraging with promoting Heal Your Life Workshops and helping others to heal.


Victoria's training was exceptional. Never a dull moment. She is knowledgeable, creative, passionate, balanced and wise. Thank you so much for the wisdom and experiences.

Tobilynn, Alberta

This course has opened my eyes to the love I have for myself and others. I am leaving here with a clear plan for my goals and what I want to accomplish. I am prepared to help people love themselves and empower them in their lives. The releasing and healing I received is indescribable. I will treasure this experience for the rest of my life.

Amanda, Arizona

Victoria's knowledge and enthusiasm to deliver the material is beautiful. My hope is for everyone to experience the monumental growth and change that occurs during Heal Your Life Training with Victoria.

Cathy, Nova Scotia

Victoria took me to the place of honouring myself and trusting my intuition on a deeper level, to walk through fears and embrace my shining light. I feel fully equipped to take my teaching of the Heal Your Life Workshop out into the world! I also know and believe that she is deeply committed to supporting this endeavour.

Miigwetch (Thank you with respect.)

Annette, Manitoba

Victoria is an excellent leader, speaker and trainer. She is compassionate and honest. She hold integrity in the space at all times. I trust her intention and passion for her work. She exudes love.

Marci, Alberta

Victoria is the most beautiful teacher. I am so blessed to have been a part of this training and the depths of this work that were reached as a group. I will be coming back to take additional courses with Victoria again as soon as possible. So much love and light for this training.

Alex, Nova Scotia

Heal Your Life Training in Canada -

Victoria Johnson Coaching and Training Academy

"What an absolutely profound experience. Whether you want to pursue this as a career or for personal growth you NEED this training. You will not regret it."

"One of the best personable trainings I've ever had."

“I had forgotten how much LOVE is in me. This training has re-awakened my TRUE SELF."

“An amazing, beautiful way of healing and connecting with other wonderful souls."

"I am forever changed and grateful for the love, support, and encouragement."

“This workshop was transformational. I can't wait to share this with as many people as I can."

“It truly was an amazing learning session where I discovered the many layers of myself, and found that I do love myself."

Jane Doe - Another Company, Ltd

“From experience, I fully recommend this Heal Your Life Training. It is put together for people of many walks of life."

“I felt so supported, accepted and loved as I have grown to love and accept myself."

"This has been such a positive and empowering workshop. More men need to take this."

"This workshop allowed me to realize that my life is unfolding just the way it can. That I can and will accomplish my dreams - I will live my passion."

"The process for discovering yourself are so worth the journey to evolve."

"So happy I made this journey, worth every second - Thank you."

"Very high quality course. An amazing and powerful program. Very professional."

"I trust in myself and have the skills to do GREAT things.

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