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Train to Be a Certified Heal Your Life® Workshop Teacher and Coach

We are excited to welcome you to the 2025 Heal Your Life® Training Retreat in Banff, Alberta, Canada.  

Thank you for visiting our website and learning more about the Heal Your Life® certification program. 

  • The combined training is the only Heal Your Life training worldwide that combines both workshop teacher and coach certifications.

  •  All certifications are authorized by Hay House and co-created and approved by Louise L. Hay.

  • For full details, including pricing, please visit all of the tabs on this website.

  •  If you need more information, click HERE to request a one-on-one consultation with Hay House expert and authorized trainer Victoria Johnson.

Workshop Teacher

 HYL Coach Training



Banff, Alberta, Canada
2025 Heal Your Life® Workshop Teacher and Coach Training
Help Yourself and Help Others!

"Victoria is a dynamic teacher who brings out the best in her students. She presents the philosophies of Louise Hay and Heal Your Life® Workshops with authentic sharing. Victoria and her team are open and hold space for deep inner healing while we learn. I will never forget this - it was an experience that needed to be face to face - I loved it!"   


Become Certified and Licensed as a Heal Your Life® Coach and Workshop Teacher
 In-person training dates: April 12-22, 2025
We Limit the Number of Participants to Provide Maximum Value for You

Welcome to Heal Your Life® Workshop Teacher and Coach Training. 

International Certification: Students from around the globe attend this training and

 become certified to coach and teach Heal Your Life® workshops worldwide.



April 12-22, 2025


The Heal Your Life® training is a powerful program for helping you to add skills to an existing career or start an entirely new one. We hope you can join us in 2025 as we offer the Heal Your Life® certification program in Banff, Canada, where you can become certified as a Heal Your Life® Workshop Teacher and Heal Your Life® Coach in this advanced in-residence training program.

This training is authorized by Hay House Inc. and approved by Louise Hay herself. Heal Your Life® is now a​ registered trademark worldwide by Hay House, so anyone using it must be authorized by Hay House, Inc., or Heart Inspired Presentations. You can do it! 

If you want to learn more, you can receive a complimentary private consultation HERE. Be sure to check out our testimonials page HERE. We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your interest in the Heal Your Life® training programs. 

For training details, dates and prices, please see the Workshop Teacher, HYL Coach Training or Registration tabs

Heal Your Life Banff Canada

Become a Certified Heal Your Life® Coach and Licensed Workshop Teacher 

Now you can become certified and licensed as a Heal Your Life Workshop Teacher and Life Coach through a program that is not only authorized by Hay House but also approved by Louise Hay herself.

Learn how to assist others in their growth while enhancing your own personal development. Spend ten days in a retreat setting with an amazing group of people who are committed to bringing positive changes to the world.

Training with Victoria Johnson and her team ensures you will have an educational experience you value and enjoy.

For more information, please visit the Workshop Teacher and  Coach Training tabs on this website and contact Victoria Johnson for a complimentary one-on-one consultation about the training retreat. You can register HERE with your deposit, and Victoria will contact you within 24 hours with a registration form and welcome package.

Louise Hay

Louise Hay's best-selling book, You Can Heal Your Life, has transformed the lives of millions of people worldwide. Using the techniques described in her book, others learn how to let go of limiting beliefs and create the life of their dreams!

In addition, Louise is the founder of Hay House, the worlds largest Inspirational publishing company.

Louise Hay is an icon in the self-help movement. Her fundamental message, the importance of loving yourself, has transformed the lives of millions.

Louise Hay passed away peacefully in her sleep, on August 30, 2017, at the age of 90.  

May her legacy continue for generations. 

"It is safe to look within."

"The most important thing you can ever do is learn to love yourself unconditionally."

"All is well in my world."

-Louise L. Hay

Victoria Johnson

Victoria Johnson, Ph.D.  National Heal Your Life® Trainer

Victoria is the Teacher-Trainer and Coach Trainer for Heal Your Life® certification in Canada.  The training is recognized worldwide, and she welcomes international students. She holds her in-residence training in beautiful Banff, Alberta, Canada, a national park and a wonder to behold. Victoria takes advantage of the beautiful setting, holding some sessions outdoors along the Bow River. 

Victoria is passionate about helping people live happier, healthier, more abundant lives through teaching, writing, and training new leaders and coaches. You will find her to be warm, approachable, and trustworthy.

Victoria has an extensive background in business, coaching, and counseling and specializes in combining metaphysical teachings and psychological techniques.

Victoria is a seasoned professional trainer whose teaching style is friendly, conversational, and safe. She truly cares about her trainees and supports them long after the training completes.  Learn more about Victoria Johnson HERE

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