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Heal Your Life Canada, Victoria Johnson

Victoria Johnson, Heal Your Life® Teacher -Teacher (Train the Trainer)

Heal Your Life® Coach Trainer (Train the Coach)

Counsellor, Author, Speaker, Personality Dimensions® Facilitator, Managing with Heart and Mind Business Leader Facilitator.

Victoria Johnson is highly committed to her work as the Heal Your Life® Workshop Teacher Trainer and Advanced Coach Trainer in Canada. In addition, Victoria is pleased to present the Heal Your Life® Teen EmPOWERment program, and is certified to bring her skills to the business world with the ‘Managing with Heart and Mind’ HYL Program.

After receiving her original training in 2012, Victoria became very aware of the impact that we all have on each other’s lives. She learned how to trust herself as a leader, and that we are all wanting the same things – love, acceptance and guidance. As Heal Your Life® Teacher and Coach Trainer, Victoria is fulfilling her calling which is to support and facilitate people through their spiritual evolution. She is available and accessible for her students and is honoured to help those who want to grow and evolve. Victoria is passionate about helping others learn to be spiritually and emotionally fulfilled, and helping them develop that fulfillment into a practical business venture, if that is their intention. 

Victoria is an Amazon Best Selling Author - Her book 'Do That & Then Some: Transform Feelings of Less Than to More Than Enough has been #1 on the Amazon Bestselling List six times!  She is also the author of the workbook of the same name, also available on Amazon. 

In addition, to Victoria’s corporate background, she has many years of experience as a successful entrepreneur.  She has graduated from multiple coaching and team building programs, is a certified Addiction’s Counsellor. Victoria is a successful author of a trilogy of children’s books. In 2016, she graduated from a university level leadership program, and in 2017 took over as editor for the world-wide publication – Heal Your Life® Good News and Inspiration. Victoria is very familiar with social media and marketing, and passes that knowledge on to her students. 

You will find Victoria to be highly personable and relatable. She teaches in a conversational style that uplifts and inspires people. It is her honour to witness the transformation in people as they grow to love themselves, and then as a result, help others to do the same.  She will not only be your teacher for the week, but will mentor you every step of the way on your Heal Your Life® career path.

Victoria is also certified to facilitate in depth business training for corporate leaders. 

Heal Your Life Canada Workshop and Coach Training

Kelly Vass - Canada 

Kelly believes if we calm the mind, connect to the heart, we can create our desires in the now. All the answers for our own lives are within us and the key is loving our authentic selves. As a self-proclaimed student and teacher of love, she assists people to remember how amazing and brilliant they truly are. Kelly is filled with grace and gratitude for living her purpose: creating kind and loving boundaries in life and teaching others to do the same. She encourages people to just be themselves: simple but not always easy!

Kelly’s childhood desire was to be a Catholic Priest when she grew up. This was prior to knowing that religion was man-made. Her journey was of perfectionism and people-pleasing. This lead to exhaustion, Chronic Fatigue syndrome, and seven and a half years of unexplained infertility. One day the book You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay jumped off a shelf at her and soon she started reading it; this is when her healing journey began. She believes that she healed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and unexplained infertility by learning and practicing and living Louise’s feel-good and self-love practices. When she chose to love herself, magic and miracles appeared.

The best gift that Kelly has ever given herself is the Heal Your Life® Workshop and Life Coach Training. She went for the two-day workshop and came back on purpose. Kelly has also published chapters in the books Manifesting Modern Miracles and Spiritual Leaders. As a Heal Your Life® workshop teacher, spiritual life coach, and writer, Kelly’s intention is to be truly helpful. Her work space, In The Now, is located in Sherwood Park, AB, Canada.